Belca's roots are in another camera maker located in Dresden: Balda Werk.

After WWII, Dresden was part of East Germany and, according to the new regulations of that time, businesses based there were then government-owned. Therefore, in 1951 what remained of Balda in Dresden was refounded first as Optik Belca Werk, soon as VEB Belca-Werk.

Unfortunately, Belca was not long-lived: by the end of 1950s, VEB Belca was merged into VEB Kamera-Werke Niedersedlitz (VEB Kamera und Kinowerk Dresden, later to become VEB Pentacon). As a consecuence, there are not too many Belca cameras, the most notorious of which may be the Beplasca, a 35mm stereo camera.

When Belca was merged into the VEB KW, cameras such as the Belfoca, Belmira or Beltica were then manufactured by Welta, which was also part of the same conglomerate.

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