Braun Gloria

The Braun Gloria is a rangefinder medium format camera, that takes 12 6x6cm exposures on 120 film. It was manufactured by Braun at Nüremberg (Germany), since 1954. The non-coupled rangefinder and the viewfinder are not combined, so that two different windows can be found in the rear part of the top cover. Focusing of the rangefinder is accomplished by means of turning a wheel located in the left part of the top cover.

The Gloria is not really a folding camera but a "tube" camera. This model has a steel tube instead of bellows, that pops out by pressing a small button located on the top cover, placing the lens and shutter assembly into position.

Lenses that can be found mounted on the Braun Gloria:

  • BAYREUTH Praxar 75mm f/2.9
  • BAYREUTH Praxanar 75mm f/2.9

Shutters mounted on the Braun Gloria were made by Gauthier, they can be either Prontor or Prontor-SVS, with top speed of 1/300, self-timer and flash sync.

It is a well built camera that, even despite not being at level with other cameras such as the Super Isolette or the Super Ikonta, has a really good design and is capable of producing great results. The camera provides a double exposure prevention feature, DOF scale and ISO reminder.

The rangefinder, as said, is non-coupled and non-combined: distance is measured with one of the rear windows, the other for composing, and after focusing the distance is read from the top wheel opposite the advance wheel and transferred manually to the front element of the lens.

One of the most striking things is that, up to day, Gloria 66 has one of the brightest rangefinder / viewfinder I have come across. Even more, as it is non-combined, it provides certain magnification that aids for focusing, the exact magnification ratio being unknown to me but I guess it may be between 1.5x and 3x

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